Year round sourcing: Ginger, a responsible product

ginger year round sourcing01 Sep Sustainable produce Packaging options More about ginger and its properties A recipe: Gingerjuice Sustainable produce Through the year round sourcing we are able to guarantee the supply 52 per ... full story

Thirst-quenching Guavas

guava30 Jan Guavas takes their origin in Central America. Theses fruits are remarkably rich in antioxidants, fiber, potassium and vitamin C! You can compare the taste to a combination of pear and strawberry, ... full story

Belleza Smoothie - Papaya / Honey

smoothie recipe26 Aug A healthy and fresh yoghurt drink full of probiotics! full story

Torres Tropical has become a recognized internship company!

3584.jpg20 Jun Torres Tropical – A recognized internship company   We have good news for students who would like to gain more experience about the business and are looking for an internship. As per June 2019 we ... full story

A diversity of delicious exotics - Available every week at Torres Tropical!

P3261777.jpg28 Mar Besides our main products like mango, lime and papaya, we also import the so called ‘small exotics’. All these fruits together make a nice mix of colors. A feast for the eyes! The big variety of ... full story

New arrivals of BIO Ginger!

gfhgfh.jpg05 Mar New! Bio Ginger In addition to our conventional ginger, we will be receiving weekly arrivals of ORGANIC GINGER! The new crop from last November is now entering the Netherlands. From now on it is ... full story

Benefits of the Pitahaya

pitayassa.jpg28 Feb The pitahaya, also called dragon fruit, is a fruit that grows from a cactus. The fruit is ovoid, rounded and elongated; outside it can be yellow or red, while its flesh can be red or white with ... full story

A delicious milkshake recipe! And tips to ripen a Papaya at home

Naamloos-1.jpg21 Feb Recipe - Papaya milkshake with honey A perfect start of the day to get entire daily requirements of vitamin A, C and E, fibers and some powerful antioxidants. And requiring only 5 minutes of your ... full story

Lime Water -Simple to make and full of benefits!

bannersdf.jpg31 Jan Lime is a great help to lose weight because it detoxifies the body and increases the feeling of  meal satisfaction. In addition, it also cleanses the palate, taking away the desire to eat sweets ... full story

Stay healthy during the holiday season!

OPH3R61dda.jpg27 Dec You don’t gain fat between Christmas and new year’s eve is a saying. But we all know that this is a difficult goal to achieve when we are all tempted by nice displays of good food! In order ... full story

Bio and Untreated Limes at Torres Tropical!

bio limes.jpg13 Dec Bio Limes at Torres Tropical Torres Tropical Fresh aims at fully satisfying its customers. This is why we worked hard for getting the Bio certification few months ago, (SKAL). Since then we have ... full story

A match made in heaven: the duo papaya - lime

duo papaya lime.jpg27 Nov A nice Belleza product that can also be made Fairtrade. We are talking about the perfect combination of Golden Papaya and Tahiti Lime in the beautiful Belleza package, ready to be consumed ... full story

Mangoes by air from Peru and Brazil

Naamloos-1.jpg13 Nov New arrivals of Palmer mangoes from Brazil and Kent mangoes from Peru by air at Torres Tropical. Palmer, together with Tommy, is the most cultivated variety in Brazil. This mango is characterized ... full story

First arrivals of Brazilian fresh figs next week!

vijgen.jpg06 Nov Starting next week, we will be having our first arrivals of fresh figs coming in from Brazil! Facts & benefits of the fig A hundred million years ago, wild fig trees grew in Africa and in Asia ... full story

Avocado: Origin and benefits

avocado.jpg18 Oct Let’s talk about a relatively new product at Torres: the avocado. There are many varieties of avocado; they differ in shape, skin texture, taste and skin color. As for the color, they all look ... full story

New Mango arrivals from Brazil!!! Programs, ripening & packaging options.

arara mangoos.jpg02 Oct The new mango season has started! Torres Tropical Fresh is able to cover your mango needs all year round with the varieties Tommy Atkins & Palmer by air or by boat. The range is wider starting ... full story

One of the most versatile fruits: The Lime!

limoen banner.jpg27 Sep The lime is a small green healthy fresh citrus, rich in vitamin C. Both vitamin C and the substance limonene help  to boost your immune system. No vitamin pill can beat that! The Brazil Tahiti ... full story

Sweet & Delicious Belleza Papaya's from Brazil! Golden & Formosa

papaybannera.jpg18 Sep The papaya’s at Torres Tropical available all year round!  Our committed growers from Brazil send us these sweet papayas in a beautiful Belleza packaging, represented by our sweet little friend ... full story

Healthy & Delicious! The Passionfruit: All year round supply.

Passion-fruitg.jpg13 Sep Passionfruit is a round purple/red fruit and grows on a climber. Its origin lays in South America. It has a leathery skin which starts to wrinkle when it ripens. The inside of the passionfruit has... full story

Brazilian ginger back for a short time! Benefits & availability

ginger banner.jpg06 Sep We are glad to tell that the Brazilian ginger is coming to our warehouse at Torres Tropical! The ginger season is relatively short, starting begin of August, ending begin of November. We get them ... full story

About our delicious Mangoes!

mango banner.jpg30 Aug Each season Torres Tropical relies on several shipping programs to receive the best mangoes by sea and by air, thanks to the strong partnerships established with our suppliers located in Brazil ... full story

Available now! Sweet tasting Fresh Bursa figs!

IMG_6351.jpg23 Aug In the second week of august we received our first load of fresh figs from Bursa, Turkey. We expect them to be available until begin of November. Compared to last year, we expect there will be a ... full story

The Figs season from Turkey starts next week!

Fresh Figs24 Aug In August the first Fresh Black Bursa Figs from Turkey will arrive in Barendrecht at Torres Tropical Fresh. With their sweet taste, dark blue skin and beautiful red inside. The Bursa Fig is the ... full story

Australian red limes take the European market by storm

Red Limes17 Aug The first Australian limes arrived at Torres Tropical Fresh a couple of weeks ago. What's special about these limes is the red colour. "It's a cross between the well known Australian finger limes ... full story
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