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Mangoes by air from Peru and Brazil

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-25 at 10.14.59.jpg13 Nov

New arrivals of Palmer mangoes from Brazil and Kent mangoes from Peru by air at Torres Tropical.

The Palmer variety

Palmer, together with Tommy, is the most cultivated variety in Brazil. This mango is characterized by his oval elongated shape, that makes it quite different from the Tommy or the Kent, both more round and with a fat shape. Its coloration is greenish/dark red and it turns into red/yellowish when ripe. The taste is sweet and the flesh contains fibers, but it is juicy.

The advantage of the Palmer variety is that it grows 12 months per year in Brazil, which makes this mango a very convenient option for the market, as it guarantees a stable product from the same origin all year round.

The Kent variety

Kent has a small window in Brazil while it is the most cultivated variety in Peru. The season usually starts in November in the North and finishes around April in the central part of Peru.

This variety is typically more green than the Tommy or the Palmer, but it turns into a nice yellow/orange/red color when it starts to ripen. In fact, the redness on the skin of a mango is caused by the amount of beta-carotene and doesn’t necessarily means that it's ripe.

Often, green Kent mangoes are ripe when they are sensitive without turning red. Kent is really appreciated for is fibreless, sweet, juicy flesh, that melts in the mouth like butter.

Our mangoes by air are specially selected in the field according to their coloration and their brix value to guarantee the best taste. Once in the packing house, they are cleaned, wrapped in a protective foam and packed carefully in our beautiful Belleza box. Ready to be shipped by air and reach our customers all over the world.

Enjoy our mango Kent by air, enjoy Belleza.

ARARA (Red Bird)Lara the arara, representing our Belleza mangoes!

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