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The Belleza brand and its assortment

Discover the world of Belleza and its mascots.
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Fresh Limes at Torres Tropical

Besides the conventional limes, we provide also Fairtrade and / or Bio limes.
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The Brazilian fig season - Torres Tropical

The brazilian fig season starts usually in November and it lasts until late August.
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Fresh Organic fruit at Torres Tropical

About our range of organic products.
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Fresh Papaya's at Torres Tropical.png

Fresh Papaya's at Torres Tropical

The papayas at Torres Tropical are available year round.
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A responsible production of limes in Bahia, Brazil

Untreated Tahiti Limes
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"We strive for a sustainable society and for a better and healthier future by providing fresh, healthy, sustainable, fair products and packagings, achieved under fair working conditions."

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