Torres Tropical is a specialist in importing fresh exotic fruits from all over the world. Torres stands for high quality products.

  • Highest quality products and services
  • Our growers provide us with first class quality products
  • Great care of the goods from origin to final destination
  • We think Belleza


It all started with Fabricio Torres the founder of two young companies.

In 1996 Jan Stap B.V. was founded in Maasdijk. After Fabricio stepped in, he took over the company in 2010 and added the trade name Torres Tropical Fresh B.V. (changed into Torres Tropical B.V. in 2019). In the year 2016 Torres moved from Strijen to Barendrecht. 

Torres Brazil was established in the year 2012 and is the main supplier of Torres Tropical. Having its own production facilities in Brazil the whole supply chain is managed by Torres.


Our Belleza brand products: limes, mangoes and papayas from Brazil meet the highest quality standards for both fruit and packaging. We receive year round supply, which makes us able to make weekly programmes with our exotics. We manage the whole chain by ourselves from cultivation to sales. Besides the Belleza Brand, Torres offers their customers a broad assortment of exotic and tropical fruits. Our assortment contains more than thirty-five exotic products from all over the world. Most of the exotics come from South and Central America. Besides America our products come from Africa and Asia.


At Torres Tropical, quality is our main concern. We only work with certified companies because it is extremely important for us to ensure the quality and food safety of our products to our customers. The process of checking and guaranteeing quality starts from the very beginning by selecting our growers. This means working together with growers who have a Global Gap certificate. Meanwhile, we ensure the respect of the HACCP standards during the entire logistical process up to the delivery of the produce to our customers.

To maintain quality and food safety control, we test our products for pesticide residues. We work together with certified laboratories, which test our products according to supermarket requests. This way, we can guarantee high quality products that meet the EU standard at any time.

Torres Tropical is IFS Certified and works according to the HACCP standards, with a higher level of 99,67%.

Per 1 august 2018, we are also Fairtrade Bio (SKAL) certified.

Torres Brazil

Torres Brazil is the Brazilian part of Torres Tropical Fresh. Recently Torres Brazil has expanded its range of fruits and diversified its business in order to meet the largest, most demanding requests and international standards. High quality products and the best environmental practices make Torres Brazil extremely competitive in domestic and foreign markets.

Torres Brazil is specialized in high quality limes (Tahiti), mangoes by air (Palmer, Red Moon, Haden, Keitt and Kent), mangoes by boat (Palmer, Red moon, Keitt and Kent) and papayas (Formosa).

We have an annual production and offer a weekly produce program.

We would like to highlight our Belleza packaging brand, differentiated, with the best international standards and with high quality.

The company is committed to establish a transparent and ethical relationship with its customers by offering the best products and a customized service. Please feel welcome and visit Torres Brazil or learn more about us by contacting our representatives.

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