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New Mango arrivals from Brazil!!! Programs, ripening & packaging options.

P1140101.JPG02 Oct

The new mango season has started!
Torres Tropical is able to cover your mango needs all year round with the varieties Tommy Atkins & Palmer by air or by boat. The range is wider starting from September with the start of the varieties Keith and Kent, available until the end of the year.

By air

As per by air two arrivals per week can guarantee your program based supply. In this case we can offer two different packaging: 4 kg open top and 6 kg lidded. Sizes from 6 to 14.

By boat

As per by boat we can sell both hard or ready to eat mangoes, that we ripen in our facilities. In this case the packaging can be 4 kg open top, 4 kg special box, flowpack 1 or 2 pieces according to your need.

Contact us for more information.
Our committed growers in Brazil produce high quality mangoes. In our packing house a special selection is made to choose the best mangoes for shipment by air. Those are handed with great care to avoid any damage. After packaging, the mangoes are shipped to the airport to catch the first flight and get to you!

Belleza - Ready for you

ARARA (Red Bird)Lara the arara, representing our Belleza mangoes!

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