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One of the most versatile fruits: The Lime!

Paco the Parrot 0127 Sep

The lime is a small green healthy fresh citrus, rich in vitamin C. Both vitamin C and the substance limonene help  to boost your immune system. No vitamin pill can beat that!

The Brazil Tahiti lime is available year round. We also import Mexican Persian limes which are less juicy than the Tahiti, but have a greener skin. Both our Lime varieties are bio and fair trade cultivated. Belleza limes are famous because of their quality. The Tahiti limes from Brazil are also selected and packed in our own packingstations.

Packaging is another strong point of Belleza. The limes are available in 4,5kg boxes and prepacked. For example, in nets and flowpack trays. Represented by our beautiful green Belleza bird, Paco the parrot.

We manage the whole chain by ourselves, from cultivation to sales. Our committed growers select only the best limes for Belleza. 

PAPAGAIO (Green Bird)Paco the parrot, representing our Belleza limes!

About the lime:

If you keep the limes outside the refrigerator, the taste wil be better. But in order to keep them longer, you can remove them from the refrigerator to allow them to reach room temperature before use.

One of the conveniences of the lime is that it can be used in so many ways. From cocktails, juice and fruitsalads to cakes, risotto’s and many other warm dishes. Even the leaves are being used in the Indonesian & Thai cuisine as a seasoning and aroma enhancer of dishes that includes fish and/ or poultry. Be aware, the leaves aren’t edible!

Limes are a really good and healthy addition if you want to lose some weight! Just add the juice of the lime to a glass of water. Start every day with a glass of limewater  for a good metabolism, it will also rinse the body.

How to make a Caipirinha (lime) Cocktail:

Stamp the parts of lime in a steady glass and add 2 spoons of sugar, mash it all together. Add some planed ice and 50 ml of Cachaca. Stir all the ingredients and decorate your cocktail with a lemon slice!

A sua saúde!

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