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Year round supply of passionfruit from Colombia!

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Passionfruit is a round purple/red fruit and grows on a climber. Its origin lays in South America. It has a leathery skin which starts to wrinkle when it ripens. The inside of the passionfruit has edibile seeds like all passiflora. The fruit itself has a sweet taste and aroma. It is known to be very nutricious fruit being a rich source of antioxidants and containing a range of vitamins and plant compounds that has many health benefits.

Containing fibers, vitamins (A & C), Iron, Potassium, carotenoids, polyphenols (being beneficial plant compounds), passionfruit even seems to be richer in polyphenols than other exotic fruits such as mango, papaya and pineapple. Even the absorption of the small amount of iron found in passionfruit is enhanced by the presence of vitamin C .

Torres Tropical supplies delicious nice colored passionfruit from Colombia, all year round.


How to eat a passionfruit:

To enjoy passionfruit at its best choose one that feels heavy and that has a nice purple or yellow color (no green), with a smooth or wrinkly skin. A wrinkly skin means a ripe fruit.

Keep them in a cool place. If you don’t, they can be kept for only  2-3 days.

The pulp inside the passionfruit is full of seeds. Those seeds are edible, delivering an abundance of nutritional and health benefits, good for your heart & for digestion issues. Be aware they may have a tart taste when using them for whatever dishes you want to make. Cut the fruit into two parts and place one half in a bowl. The only thing you will need is a spoon. With a little bit of sweetener or cream, it will cut the tartness.

From the pulp you can also make juice and add it for example to a smoothie.

When you cut an entire passionfruit and let it simmer in water (rind and all) until it gets soft and then blend the whole mixture, you can make nectar. Even more delicious when sweetened.

Another way to enjoy its taste is to make passionfruit jam. It will need a few more steps to the normal way of preparing jam. You will need to boil the outer shell and puree the inner flesh. Besides some lemon and sugar you can also add pineapple or mango to extend the taste of you deliciously made passionfruit jam on your morning toast! Bon appétit!


FLAMINGO-finalfIgor the Flamingo, representing our exotics of the Belleza brand!

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