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Australian red limes take the European market by storm

red limes.jpg17 Aug

The first Australian limes arrived at Torres Tropical a couple of weeks ago. What's special about these limes is the red colour. "It's a cross between the well known Australian finger limes and the Burmese Rangpur lime," says Torres Tropical. "Customers think it's great because they really have something different, but it is purely for the specialists in catering and food service. The Red limes are available in 12 x 125 grams. Someone willing to make special cocktails in a bar will have something very special."

"It's very satisfying to see our product so well received in Europe, Torres Tropical is well positioned to market/represent our Red Limes into the European market to their high end customers," said Warren McIntosh from Gondwana Native Limes, the Australian supplier.  "The market has shown major interest in the native Australian Red lime in this short period. The product is so new to Europe, we really need to educate the market about the fruit and it’s uses, to better service them, this will help create a sustainable market for the product."
"We are coming to the end of our harvest for 2017 and will not be shipping any more this season to the Netherlands. We are in discussions for next season to create a supply program that works and Torres will have access to product on a weekly basis. We will start with our native finger limes from Feb-May and then commence Red Limes from late May to Mid August," explains Warren.

"The European market on Red Limes has had a real buzz about it. We are supplying also to France, Germany, Switzerland and receiving much interest for next seasons fruit. People really are inquisitive about the product, and especially from Australia as we are so far away and there is very few exotic/native Australian fresh produce products readily available in Europe making it even more exciting for all involved in the supply chain."

The limes are easy to consume and can just be cut in half, after which you can squeeze the 'pearls' with aromatic lime juice. A citrus or garlic press is recommend for seedless juice. The juice from the red limes goes very well with seafood, in Asian dishes, sauces, fruit juices, cocktails or other recipes with limes, such as marmalade, jam, glazing or dips. The red limes contain a lot of anti oxidants and are best stored cooled.

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