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Year round sourcing: Ginger, a responsible product

ginger year round sourcing01 Sep

Sustainable produce

Packaging options

More about ginger and its properties

A recipe: Gingerjuice

Sustainable produce

Through the year round sourcing we are able to guarantee the supply 52 per week. We are now looking to develop the strong availability of organic ginger, bringing to life our new mascot the hummingbird, representing the category of organic produce. On the same time, we will start sharing with our chain partners the need to understand and request a continuous sustainable development of the ginger cultivation. 


More about ginger and its properties

Did you know? Ginger is officially an underground stem called a rhizome.

A rhizome (ancient Greek: Mass of roots) is a horizontal underground growing stem where the plant stores starches and proteins in order to survive tougher seasons. The rhizome of some particular species, including ginger and turmeric amongst others, are edible and used for culinary purposes.



Ginger has the characteristics of a spicy and sharp taste and contains different substances and key nutrients. It is often used as a culinary herb and has a very wide variety of medical and therapeutic properties. As an incredibly healthy product, it benefits immune health and soothes nausea and digestive issues. Gingerol is the compound that gives ginger its sharp taste It has also the highest amount of anti-cancer properties.


Packaging options

We provide beautiful packagings (of 4kg and 5kg) in our colorful Belleza brand. Besides flowpack options are also available. Ask for the possibilities.

Ginger packaging.jpg




For more information contact:
Tiago de Wit
Phone: +31(0) 85 88 86 245
E-mail: twit@torrestropical.com


ginger juice recipe

Recipe: How to make your own homemade ginger juice!


Wat do you need:

·       1 pc of Fresh Ginger

·       3 pcs of Fresh Limes

·       a couple of Fresh mint leaves

·       7 cups of water

·       1 cup of sugar / or honey


How to make it:

1.       Peel the ginger and chop into chunks.

2.       Crush the mint and set aside.

3.       Bring the water to a boil.

4.       Place the ginger into a blender together with 1 cup of water and blend until paste.

5.       Add the ginger together with the crushed mint and boiled water in a large bowl.

6.       Sieve the mixture over a large bowl and discard the remaining paste.

7.       Stir the lime juice and the sugar into the ginger mixture until the sugar dissolves.

8.       Serve garnished with mint leaves and ice cubes.

FLAMINGO-finalfIgor the Flamingo, representing our exotics of the Belleza brand!

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