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A match made in heaven: the duo papaya - lime

Belleza fruits - Torres Tropical27 Nov

A nice Belleza product that can also be made Fairtrade.

We are talking about the perfect combination of Golden Papaya and Tahiti Lime in the beautiful Belleza package, ready to be consumed together.

Paco the parrot meets Tuca the Tucan.


It’s a perfect match of flavor and texture: the sweet taste of the papaya is softened by the sourness of the lime juice upon its flesh. If papaya has a too strong taste for you, you will be positively surprised by this magic combination. A simple squeeze of lime juice on the papaya will make this fruit taste in a completely different way.

Tip: Cut your Belleza Papaya into half, take out the seeds with a spoon, squeeze some Belleza Lime juice over it and enjoy!

TUCANO (Black Bird)

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