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About our delicious Mangoes!

DSC01248.jpg30 Aug

Each season Torres Tropical relies on several shipping programs to receive the best mangoes by sea and by air, thanks to the strong partnerships established with our suppliers located in Brazil and Peru.

From Brazil we receive the varieties Palmer, Tommy Atkins, Keitt and Kent. From wich Kent, Keitt and Palmer stands out among our imported varieties.

Belleza by air Mangoes

Our brand Belleza has the best mango by air available in the market. Special are our Palmer by air mangoes. We have a year round supply of Palmer mangoes from Brazil. After Brazil Peru is the second place where our Belleza mangoes come from. Peru is famous because of the Kent mangoes. This variety has no fibers and a delicious taste. 

Our committed growers in Brazil and Peru produce high quality mangoes. A special selection is made to choose the best mangoes for shipment by air. After crop and production the packaging is the second most important part for the mango by air.

In our own packing houses the ripe mangoes are handled with great care to avoid any damage to the mangoes. A foam is put around the mangoes for protection. The mangoes are packed in 6,0kg or 4,0kg.

After the packaging the mangoes are shipped to the airport, put on the first flight available to let you enjoy the best Belleza mangoes.

Find more information about the origin and the availability of our mangoes. Take a look at our calenders for the Mango by air, and the Mango by boat.



Mangoes are well known because of their sweet taste. There are lots of different mango varieties with different tastes, colorations and fibers. Its is one of the most eaten fruits in the world. There are more than 200 varieties.

Mangoes contains over 20 vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that protects our body from many harms including cancer, asthma, age-related macular degeneration, bone health, diabetes, heart disease.

It is proven very beneficial for a good digestion and for a healthy skin & hair.

ARARA (Red Bird)Lara the Arara, representing our Belleza mangoes!


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