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Stay healthy during the holiday season!

OPH3R61dda.jpg27 Dec

You don’t gain fat between Christmas and new year’s eve is a saying.

But we all know that this is a difficult goal to achieve when we are all tempted by nice displays of good food!

In order maintain a healthy lifestyle here are a few tips…

  • Don’t keep on eating when your body feels satisfied
  • Eat smaller portions on regular times
  • Avoid fast snacks that provide too much calories
  • Don’t skip meals to save space for a big meal
  • Keep moving!

Here are a few exotics of our assortment that are very nutricious and a nice addition to your holiday meals:

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Mangoes are known because of their sweet taste. There are lots of different mango varieties with different tastes, colorations and fibers. Mango is one of the most eaten fruits in the world.


The lime is a small green healthy fresh citrus, rich in vitamin C. Both vitamin C and the substance limonene help  to boost your immune system. No vitamin pill can beat that!


Papaya is healthy and good for your diet: this tropical fruit is rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. For example, it contains lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that may help protect cells from damage. 


The Red - White variety of dragonfruit is the most common one. The white of the inside is a nice thing to add to a fruit salad. The taste of a dragonfruit resembles that of a kiwi but it is often a lot bitter.


Starfruit or carambola is a nicely shaped exotic fruit from Malaysia. If you slice a starfruit you know immediately where the name came from. Because of the star shape it is often used as garnish. A ripe carambola is yellow, the whole fruit is edible. Put a carambola in your salad and taste its sweet exotic bite. 


The rambutan is a small red exotic fruit. Its origin is Malaysia and Indonesia. Rambutan means 'hairy' in Malay according to its hairy red skin. The inside and the taste of the rambutan is similar to a lychee. 


The maracuja is part of the passiflora family and has similar specifications. Edible seeds with a yellow-orange pulp inside. The maracuja has a tangy flavour compared to other passiflora.  


The avocado is a fruit which contains healty fat. Depending on the variety the avocado comes with a green or brown purple skin. The avocado has a yellow flesh with a big brown unedible seed.

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