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Available now! Sweet tasting Fresh Bursa figs!

IMG_6351.jpg23 Aug

In the second week of august we received our first load of fresh figs from Bursa, Turkey. We expect them to be available until begin of November.

Compared to last year, we expect there will be a larger amount of big fresh  figs and a smaller amount of little ones. Weight around 1,5 kg net.

Checkout our pricelist for the exact arrival time of the Fresh Figs from Turkey or give us a call (+31 (0) 85 88 86 242).

Fresh figs are a great source of vitamins, fibres and minerals. The fig tree is one of oldest trees in history and from origine Mediterranean. There are more than a hundred different varieties. With their sweet taste, dark blue skin and beautiful red inside, the Bursa Fig is the most popular Fig of them all. You can eat it with or without peal. 


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