Bio Mangoes - First arrivals expected at Torres Tropical

bio mango header.png05 Mar

Our first arrivals of bio mangoes are expected in the second week of March. From then, we expect having arrivals every week.

From Brazil: Tommy, Palmer & Keitt.

From Peru: Keitt & Kent.

Contact our sales representatives for more information.

More About:

By importing bio mangoes, we want to meet our customers’ needs when it comes to responsible sourcing. It is a matter of fact that the consumers’ mentality has generally changed when it comes to sustainability awareness.

This tendency is getting stronger and stronger and Torres tropical fresh is getting ready for a further grow of organic market.


Mangoes contains over 20 vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that protects our body from many harms including cancer, asthma, age-related macular degeneration, bone health, diabetes and heart disease.

A Mango Mousse recipe without eggs:



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